A debate that has been going on in the political science for years is whether or not congressional members should have limits on the amount of terms one may serve in their life time. Most of the debates are focused on congressional member term limits but these arguments could extend far down the political ladder to community political leaders or all the way up to the presidents office.

Strengths of not having Term Limits:

One of the main arguments for not having term limits for political office members is when a devoted and upstanding politician does get elected into office they are faced with a time frame in which they are expected to accomplish what they promised to achieve. Many believe that there is a revolving door in politics where often times new political office members get elected and before they can even get past the learning curve or accomplish what they set out to achieve they are already up for re election or resignation. Campaigning for re election takes away from the political member’s agenda by forcing them to spend much of there time being a public figure and less of their time working on what they are trying to accomplish. Politicians also start to have less incentive to fulfill their duties if they know their term is over.


Some may claim that not having term limits for political office members keeps a fresh cycle of new ideas flowing through our government and lessens the chances of long standing members becoming corrupt and carrying out their own self interest. Some also may claim that it is a “noble act” to become a political office member and you should only act in response to the ideas of your electorates and not hold the position for power or financial gains.


One threat to not having term limits for political office members would be if the wrong form of leadership did find it’s way into office they could use their power to cause corruption with in the system. If they were able to leverage enough power they could find themselves permanently making decisions based solely on their own self interest and not for the good of the nation they represent.


The potential opportunity of great leadership working their way into office and making huge strides toward bettering our nation as a whole, in our opinion, out weighs the potential threat of the wrong leadership leveraging their power to cause corruption. Many great leaders have held office positions that were cut short due to term limits and could have accomplished many great things during their reign.


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